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EP10 Medical Corner: Generic vs. Brand Name


Are they really the same? Intro by @benny_jets on instagram and follow the show @destinationdeathpodcast!

...backmedal orner on detination death. I know that you guys have been waitingfor this episode, since my Adapisar episode came out, which feels like itwas so many days ago. So I won't do a superlong intro on this one. We willjust get right into it. My disclaimer, the information in thispodcast, as well as those that follow, is information readily available on theInternet. I've spent my own time researching these events and haveincluded only information I deem necessary in describing the events tomy audience. That being said, some information topics and opinionsexpressed from this point on could be considered explicit, grotesque and oroffpudding, so listen with your own discretion. So the topic today is our brand namemedications the same thing as their generic counterparts and technicallythe answer to this as yes, legally and clinically, the active ingredient hasto be the same in order for a generic... be considered a generic of theoriginal. However, the additives and other ingredients do not have to be thesame, which is why, on the back of many generics, youill see the exact samefirst ingredient with the same dosage amount, but the additives andpreservatives in the fullest of ingredients can be different. So if the generic medication has thesame dosage and same active ingredient, it should work the same. That is at least the idea behindgeneric medications. However, this is not the case in this episode. I'm goingto mainly go over the main ingredient. I eat the active ingredient, but thereare other differences in generic medications like those additionalingredients that I mentioned that you should be aware of. So let's talk about some organicchemistry for a moment, and I myself truly hate organic chemistry. So I'mgoing to try to make this as easy to...

...understand as possible, because I knowhow hard it can be so there's a concept in organicchemistry called Cirality, which basically means, if you take a compoundand put it next to a mirror. You should see the exact opposite of that compound,looking back so an easier way to describe. This is your right hand, isthe exact mirrored image of your left hand and that's kind of the idea that they can be super imposed on eachother. Basically, so these compounds are called Ciro compounds. So with thatin mind, almost almost all medications are made of Chiro compounds and I'llexplain this, like the Wy of this in a moment, but a second part to ciralityis configuration so, as you can imagine, Ciro compounds are either right or leftcompounds and in chemistry these are...

...called R and s compounds, and thatsimply means whether or not the compound is right, oriented or leftoriented. So relatively simple stuff here. The reason that this is important forgeneric and brand name medications is the human body is somewhat selective.So therefore, the most effective medications are medications that aremade up with fifty percent are selected compounds and fifty percent sconfigured comfounds that way inside the body. The highest amount of themedication can be absorbed and sent to the proper receptors for delivery tothe rest of the body. So let's use Acetaminafin as an example.Here I have posted a photo of the R and s orientations of ASEDA Minifhin tothis podcast instagram at destination, death podcast and for those that do notknow a Seda minifin is the active...

...ingredient in tylinol. It is a feverreducer and a pain reliever. So ASEDA MINIFIN is a good example forthis purpose, because the compounds very easy to see how it can be rn s anfigured it's just very simple: It's not a big compound, so go ahead and take alook at the photos and then you can come back. You can pause me right here.I won't be offended and just take a look, so you can have an idea of whatI've been talking about, so in brand named Tylenol they will usea mix of fifty percent ar and fifty percent s configuration a Cetamenephan. This is more expensive to produce it,takes more product to produce and ultimately creates more waste. I personally in my organic chemistrylab symthesized ASETA Menepin, and it takes a lot of reactance to get a verysmall amount of a Setamenepin,... it takes more. More reactancecreates more waste, and this is why Taylenol is more expensive to createit's more laborious and more expensive to produce the fifty fifty mixture andin chemistry, the fiftyfifty rns configuration mixture is called arasimic mixture. Now what generic medication companieswill do as they will form their medications out of whatever percentageare in s. They come up with from the reactancs that they have, meaning that they could use the same amount of reactance, butthe product is going to be. You know: Seventy percent Ar and thirty percent sconfiguration out of one batch as opposed to filtering out the product tomake it the FIF. Fifty like I was talking about before this potentially can use less reactanceto cream create the same amount of...

...product. However, it's not an evenmixture of product and that's where you get the issues because they're using less reactants tomake the same amount of compound it's cheaper to produce and cheap forconsumers to purchase. So what's the issue with more s than orin medication, there's a clear divide between howbrand name and generic medications can work. The brand name tylonal will workthe same way. Ninety nine percent of the time, because it is that perfect.Fifty fifty mixture, therefore it can bor, be more easily absorbed by thebody and will be put to work more effectively by the body. GENERICA Sidaminiphan, however, is notguaranteed to work with the same efficacy and will not function in thesame way every single time it's taken, because the body can only intake somuch of one configuration of a compound...

...before it's decided. It's had enough and people are all different, so you itcan be assumed that you know I could intake more our compound than myboyfriend. Could he might be able to intake more s compound? So that's whythese fifty fifty mixtures work really well is because you can take both at an even rate, as opposed to one at avery high rate and the other at a very low rate. So, ultimately, generic medications areshown to be effective overall but think about what you're using them for ifit's for management of pain or depression or something like high bloodpressure, wouldn't you want to spend the extra few dollars to purchasesomething that will work at the same way? Ninety nine percent of the time,...'s just a thought and with that I hope that you guyslearned a thing or two today. I know this episodeis kind of short, but Idon't know how much more I can talk about this subject. I will catch youguys later, don't forget to check out the photos on our instagram page andI'm going to record another episode today, which will probably be U Tuesdayor Wednesday, but I will talk to you guys later havea great day.

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