Destination Death
Destination Death

Season 1, Episode 16 · 1 year ago

EP17 W2D: Beer Flood & Flying Lawnmowers


Welcome to the Ways2Die Series! This episode will cover an extremely ironic death, a boozy death, and then a "when lawnmowers can fly" type of death. Enjoy!

Hello and welcome back to destinationdeath or welcome to if you are new- Oh God, it just feels like it has beenan eternity since I have recorded and uploaded a new episode for those of youthat are new. Like I said this is destination death. Welcome. Thank youfor listening for all of my current listeners. Thank you so much forsticking out this waiting period. I am so sorry that I was gone. Our familyhas grown in the time that I was gone. We now have listeners in Turkey,whoever you are thank you for joining us and welcome to all the newcomers.I'm sorry! If you've been binging my episodes to find out that I was gonefor nearly three weeks. I am going to level with you guys real quick. I havebeen having some trouble with my mental health lately, so I am clearing that up, I'm finally feeling good enough torecord and write scripts and sit and research. So here we go. We are goingto jump back in. I probably will try to do once a week uploads and see how thatfeels for a bit. I think those upploads will happen on Thursday, since thoseare my usual day off, but that could change. I will do my best to stick tosome sort of a regular schedule, so today we're going to start theseries that I wanted to start at the beginning of this podcast and if youguys are like me, I believe you will like what the series entails. So I'm sure, if any of you rememberSpike TV, I loved a certain show that would play on spike, because I havealways kind of been fascinated with death, as you know, and that show was onethousand ways todie. Now, if you have seen an episode of thes show, you would know that thevideography was garbage and the reenactments were literally just asstupid, but the stories were what kept people coming back now. The show didnot ever get to air one thousand actual reasons, because it was canceled afterits fourth season, because the entire staff of the show decided to go onstrike. I guess for a show about death. That isa pretty good way for it to fizzle out anyway. I have always loved crazy deathstories like that, so this new series is going to be different ways to die.The ways to die series will be fun. I think I'm unsure how many episodesthere will be, but when I run out of content, I will let you know, and wecan go back to other topics I have in...

...the lineup also. I Know That my next Episode Akathis episode was supposed to be an episode with my boyfriend, but I havejust not gotten around to getting that recorded. Yet it takes a lot to sit down. Prepare everything. Do theresearch and then having someone else get put into the mix is just a lot ofwork. I'm feeling good enough to record one of my normal episodes right now, soI'm going to do that until I feel good enough to record with him and well seewhat happens so without furter Adel, let's go over my disclaimer theinformation in this podcast, as well as those that follow as informationrighdily available on the Internet. I've spent my own time researchingthese events and have included only information ideam necessary indescribing the events to my audience. That being said, some informationtopics and opinions expressed from this point on could be considered explicit,grotesque and or off pudding, so listen with your own discretion. Also before we start, I want to informeverythe one that, while these deaths are funny or ironic or stupid, theseare still people with families and ancestors. So I will do my best to tellthe stories with as little negativity as possible. The story is good. Thefact that someone had to die to provide it to me so I could share it on thisplatform with you is not good. So, let's keep that in mind. Okay, so wayis to die episode. Onestarts with he main name: Man Wow, a man named clement, Valening Ham. I might have to shorten that at somepoint, because I'm going to have to say his last name a lot we're going to goover just some key points about his life. I was just going to tell thedeath stories, but this man was just a real piece of garbage, so Ijust wanted to tell some background information before we get into his incrediblyironic death. So Clement, I'm just going to say hisfirst name was born July: Twenty nine eighteen, twenty ind new Lisbon Ohio.The information I got for this episode was from Wikopedia. I did check throughsome of the sources. I think that they are relatively valid. I do know thatthis happened, so whatever wikipedia is just so easy for me. Sothere you have it. He was born in new Libsen Lisbon, Ohio to Clement and Rebecca Validingham. Hisfather was a Presbyterian Minister and he taught his son at home. Clement ran for Congress N Eighteen,fifty six, but he was very narrowly...

...defeated. He decided to appeal to the electionscommittee saying that illegal votes had been cast in thefavor of the opponent. The House of Representatives actually agreed withhim and they ended up giving him the spot in Congress, but he was not seateduntil the last next two last day of the term, so yeah you're right, youprobably should have been elected, but you don't get to come to work until theday before the last day kind of funny clement was always a vigorous supporterof constitutional states rights. He believed that the government shouldnot be able to make any decisions on any legalinstitutions which slavery was at the time. So, if you kind of understand where this is going, he believed that states had the rightto succeed. Seced I mean they do have the right to succeed, but he believethey had the right to seced and that the confederacy could not be opposedmilitarily. False clement was a believer in low taxes andthat slavery should be decided by each state, not by the federal government. He entered into the civil war being one ofLincoln's, most outspoken critics on February twentyth. Eighteen sixtyone. He delivered a speech titled The Great American Revolution to the Houseof Representatives. He accused the Republican Party of being belligerent, quote beligerent and wanted a quote: Choice of peaceabledisunion, upon the one hand or union through adjustment and conciliationupon the other endquote. He supported the crittined incompromise, which was a last ditch effort to try and avoid going to war.He blamed a sectionalism and antislavery for the secession of theconfederate states. Clement proposed a series of amendmentsto the Constitution. He wanted the United States to be divided into foursections: North South West and Pacific. There's no map for this, I'm not surewho would be west and who would be Pacific. That is bothering me, however,the four sections would each have the power in the Senate to veto legislation.

The Electoral College would have to bechanged. He wanted the presidential term to be six years and limited to onerun and also vice president, could only besix years. So you only get one round in the Oval Office. States could still secede, but theycould only be agreed if the legislatures of all foursections, so north southwestern, Pacific, approved and states could move between thesections, as was their right. So, there's a lot of holes. We couldpoke in his idea of how the United States should have looked. What, if Maryland, wanted to be part of thePacific section, if that was their right anyway, clement lost his bid for athird full term, INE Teighteeden and sixty two by a large vote. So he would be out of office in oneeighteen and sixty three. He ended up losing because he very badly Jerry mandered, his owncongressional district thinking that it would get him more votes. However, a lot of people stillconsidered him to be a good future presidential candidate, and I am gladthat he was not. He was arrested in td Eighteeden andsixty three on the following charges quote: declaring the present or awicked, cruel and unnecessary war, a ware not being waged for thepreservation of a union and a war for the purpose of crushingout liberty and erecting despotism. Oh and there's one more a war for thefreedom of the blacks and the enslavement of the whites and quotes he just sucks, Lincoln, considered clement a wilyagitator and did not want to make him a martyr.So he ordered in Sixeightee ND, sixty three in May to have him sent to enemylines to be with the confederacy, because that's where he thought hebelonged, he ended up going into the confederacy andbasically claiming that he was a prisoner of war which caused a lot ofhis political backers to be very upset.They fe feverishly opposed Lincoln at thispoint, because Clement was basically saying thatLincoln forced him out...

...caused him to be a prisoner of war thathe was fighting for. The right causes x, Yanz, so basically like turning everythingaround on himself. He ended up leaving the confederacy andwent to Canada, and then he declared himself acandidate for the governor of Ohio, an actually one in absentia. Ohio Democrats voted four hundred and eleven to eleven nominating him for governor. He managed his campaign from Canada where he received visitors andsupporters, so he was government. He was government, he was governor of Ohio in Canada after the war in eighteen sixty seven,he continued his stance against African American suffrage inequality. However,his views later changed with the coming of the new departure policy. Here's where it gets good after his time is governor Clementdecided to try out being a lawyer, and this is where the good park comes in.He was representing a man named Tom mcgenn and Tom Again was accused ofmurdering a man named Tom Myers during a bar fight, so tom killed Tom TomMyers died by sustaining a bullet wound to the Abdemen. Clement argued thatMyers likely shot himself accidentally, while we'removing his pistol from hiswasteband, so to demonstrate this clement grabbed a similar model pistolwhich was believed to be unloaded and placed it in his wasteband in front ofthe jury during trial. I think you can imagine where this isgoing while kneeling, which is the positionthat they believed that Tom Myers was in, he tried to demonstrate how thepistol could have gone off while removing it from the wasteband.Needless to say, the unloaded pistol was in fact loaded and Clement ended upshooting himself in the abdomen in front of the jury. He died the next dayfrom extensive internal organ damage. The demonstration was so powerful,however, that his client was found not guilty of first agree murder and wasfreed, so he shot himself while defending a man who very well could have shot someone in the very same place that he justshot himself. Very ironic super good story, so that was Clement Validingham, there's a lot of mfel about him out inthe world. So if you're interested, you can lookit up.

The next two are significantly shorter,but could but could be better than the last one. On the seventeenth of Octobereighteen fourteen, a brewery bruery in London by the name of thehorseshoebrewery, had a wild accident that ended up killing eight people, butprobably more than eight just hasn't, been documented. How many? The finaltotal was inside this brewery. They used twentytwo foot tall wooden barrels to ferment their Beerin, and this might be hard to picture if you'venever been to a brewry. But for those of you that have been to a brewery, Iknow that you've seen those big giant, metal, thats or containers that theykeep the beer in to ferment and theyre, like pressure, regulated and temperature regulated andlike all the stuff right. It's very like scientific there's, a lot of stuffthat goes into it anyway. In the seventeen hundredeighteen hundreds, they did not have this technology, they just threweverything in these giant wooden, vets and kind of hope for the best. So, on this day, one of those tatsexperienced a significant pressure increase which burst the wooden barrel.This many explosion caused another VAT nearby to also explode and about ahundred and fifty to four hundred thousand gallons of porter werereleased into the brewery which tore out the brick wall in the back of thebuilding, creating a fifteen foot wave of beerthat poured out onto the street behind the brewery. I can imagine this as being justincredibly terrifying. The area surrounding the building wasclose to sea level. I currently live very close to sea level. I thinkcurrently, where my parents live is actually considered to be under sealevel, so I can understand how this wouldflood a street very quickly. The area contained many low incomeneighborhoods, the beer ended up flowing into storm drains wheremigrants lived, forcing them to seek shelter on furniture that they hadbrought down into the sewers. The eight people that died that daydrowned in the beer. A couple people died from the collapseof the wall of the building. Remarkably, none of the workers at thebrewery ended up dying. Four of the people that died wereactually currently at a funeral,... this seems like it could be as ironic as they get. There were suspected additional deathsin the following days. Due to you guessed it alcohol poisoning, apparently, people were collecting thebeer from the street hold non to it for a little while andthen drinking a lot of it as one does. Our last story is probably my favoriteof the day. This story I got from snopes and I'm going to be reading fromtheir article for a little bit because it explains everything really well.Okay. I am sorry for this episode having acouple of cuts in it, but I just had like the worst coughing fit of myentire life, and I really didn't want you guys to suffer through that. So anyway, quote from the SNOPE'sarticle, the half time show provided for a crowd of forty five thousand fansattending the jets Patriots football game at Shay Stadium on the ninth ofDecem, on Housand, nine Teren and seventy nine was an exhibition stagedby the Electronic Eagles of the Radio Control Association of Greater New Yorksounds like a lot to say. The group's model air show a popularentertainment previously presented hundreds of times at half times.Another events featured radio, controlled airplanes that performedmaneuvers around the stadium engaged in aerial dog fights and showcased flyingmodel planes crafted in unusual shapes and quotes. So basically, on this particular day,one of the men who had designed one of the model machines lost control of itand it basically nose dived into the stands about five rows up from thethird baseline. As you can imagine, it is going to hitsome people, so it hit two men. John Boen and Kevin Rork Kevin Rork had aminor concuption. However John bewen quote appeared to have been attacked byan ax said. A spectator and quotes Dohn Bellen later died from hisinjuries in the hospital, as you do, when you've been attacked by an axe, the model that flew into them was amodel plane disguised as a red and white Lawn Mower, so John Bowen was killed by a flyinglawn mower. Can you even imagine that I just can't my goal with the series is kind of toprovide maybe a lightness to death, that a lotof people don't really see I whold death in high regard.

I am very death, positive part of the death positive movement. Ifyou will, that was disgusting of me, but it's okay, so I hope that you guys will enjoy thisseries I'm going to enjoy doing the research for it, because I love storieslike these. It just reinforces the fact that death can come to anyone's door atany day for any reason, maybe he'll end up dying in some ironic crazy way, andI will end up talking about you on my podcast one day, all right, so I got. I hope that youguys have enjoyed this episode. I feel like it's a pretty good comeback and Ilook forward to continuing this series and putting out more content for youguys, and I will catch you later.

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